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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a private connection between your business and the web. With DIA, unlike regular broadband service, your business doesn’t have to compete with other subscribers for bandwidth. That means you can enjoy upload speeds that are just as a fast as download speeds no matter the time of day. Think of it as having a lane on the highway that’s yours and yours alone. Even at rush hour, you’re able to travel at a consistent speed. This rock-solid internet performance will support your business’s critical operations.


  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Dedicated Customer Service (Dedicated Account Manager)
  • 99.5% SLA
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • 24/7 Network Operation Center(NOC)
  • Enhanced security

Why Choose Us

Solution Centric

We values our customers and their business needs than anything else and consistently meet or exceed their expectations for right solution, cost effective services, quality and performance.


We have the capability to analyze, recommend, integrate and manage robust solutions that bring our clients competitive business advantage and quantifiable returns.

Process Approach

We have the ability to accept and then manage complexities through a flexible approach along-with well-defined practices, methods and tools.

Deep Experience

We provide deep technical knowledge and implementation skills deliver through highly responsive teams.